Natural One


Real juices, made
with real fruits,
for real people

Homem faz malabarismo com frutas

+ Flavor

We value truth so much that we do not allow any artificial ingredients be part of our juice. Natural One has traditional flavors and unexpected combinations that only we make. We are 100% natural, 100% delicious and always made with real fruits and vegetables.

Mulher segurando maçãs cortadas com Natural One no meio

+ Transparency

Do you want to know from where the juice comes? Through the QR code print in every label or the Conecta Natural One App, you can do this tracking of each product and see exactly what is inside the bottle. This is our: #PuraVerdade.

Homem abraçando frutas e sucos Natural One

+ Smart

We care about our packaging as much as we do for our content. To start off, our green-capped bottles are recyclable and transparent (because it is important to see what is inside, right?). Our PET also has UV protection and barriers for oxygen. This ensures a juice with a way better flavor and zero preservatives. See? Natural One is wonderful from the inside out.

Casal segurando copo com Natural One

+ Fresh

We really enjoy getting back home and drinking that fresh juice without having to prepare anything (laziness). Then we remember that Natural One is 100% natural and fresh, because it preserves the maximum out of flavor and nutrients of each fruit and vegetable, during all of its processes.

Mulher equilibrando Natural One na cabeça

+ Technology

Have you ever heard about Cold Aseptic Filling? Weird name, right? But it is thanks to this state-of-the-art technology that we manage to fill the PET bottle with our juice without using preservatives, which makes it remain so magnificent.

Understand the difference between Natural One and the other products

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  • Natural One é 100% Suco

The Farm

As well as all other fruit, our also come from the farm. The difference is that our farms are selected. Every farm follows rigorous international quality standards. Because of this, we ensure that our fruits and vegetables that come from the orchards and vegetable gardens of the whole Country are preserved to the max until they arrive at your home with all the best they have got to offer.